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(ISO) Covid-19 - National Resources - Indonesia (BSN)

  • Kamis, 23 Juli 2020
  • Humas BSN
  • 209 kali


BSN conducted some activities related to standardization to support Indonesia Government in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. Some activities by providing:

  • Guideline/Health Protocol related to COVID 19. 
  • Public Awareness about Covid-19 through social media (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) 
  • full access to Indonesian National Standards (SNI) available in read only and flipbook format) such as mask, medical gloves, ventilators, tissue and hospital laundry, electro medical equipment, laboratory management systems and medical devices, glasses, hands and floors sanitizer, medical devices sterilization and others related to this virus crisis
  • free access on ISO standards related to COVID-19 
  • BSN also conducts webinars related to measure of COVID-19 from standardization perspective such as testing method, online transaction, smart city, food safety, risk management and business continuity management, etc.  


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